Фото Флота (kuleshovoleg) wrote,
Фото Флота

K-329 Severodvinsk (Yasen class) #

(фото не мои, подружки, свои надо ещё сделать, успею за ночь)

Tags: Проект 885, Проект 885. "Северодвинск"
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Ясень, красавец. Ясный средний палец в сторону нато :)


February 13 2014, 19:38:22 UTC 4 years ago

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February 17 2015, 15:11:14 UTC 3 years ago

Dear Sir, Sir's,

It is very surprising to lease Nuclear Capable submarines even for very closely tied diplomatically related countries like India and Russia. It is not so much for the nature of the deal but a little more as to how the "envellope" is sealed. A few questions I dare ask : What will happen if one one of these "leased" subs fires at will after rewiring the launch protocol and then complaining that about "a problem has occured" and pretendetly "it was inherent with the sub" ... Who is going to pay for an unwarranted "shot" over (wherever) and the political implications of such move in case of a "Nuclear" shot.. Another "big" question is : the "profile" of the -sub- DEFINITELY RUSSIAN- stories of misconduct or problems have flared in many ways in the press and sometimes in the movies... what will happen if anything short of a mutiny or misconduct or a slight oversight or political mischievous move brings the "big picture" of a Russian sub in the global press. Last but not least... any leased object has an "insurance" subs are not Civilian planes, and military equipment is by nature NOT INSURED. And question FOUR emerges., what will happen if this beautiful sub "RAMS" Say... a huge container ship.. or super oil tanker... or an American aircraft carrier ? who's paying here ?

Hassan Vossough
0098 912 3382788
Thank U!